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Vignettes | Season Two 2022

As WGRUV Dance Company celebrates its inaugural year, Artistic Director Holly Gruver created a dance palate of varied colour as the company performed their second season unveiling, VIGNETTES!

A picture; an engraving or photograph, a snippet that shades off gradually into the surrounding landscape. VIGNETTES unveiled a variety of movement styles as WGRUV Dance Company journeyed through an artistic landscape of dance entertainment. Classically trained dancers elaborated on energetic moments of impact as well as subtle, connected moments of conviction and passion whilst using exquisite line variations.

Act 1 drew soft curves against straight lines as the classical, neo-classical, and contemporary ballets were presented, including La Bayadere variations and a Flower Festival variation from Genzano. The brilliant restaging of Jessica Lang’s contemporary ballet, ‘A Solo In Nine Parts’, featured as audiences were reminded that lasting dance artistry is found when the stage becomes a safe space to play and express celebration! VIGNETTES exploded with an Escuela Bolera and Danza Estilizada Style, choreographed by Carli Olivier and more.

Act 2 highlighted a sequence of contemporary styles by peering into a classical, lyrical and fusion mix of new local and international choreography including ‘Whistling’ excerpts by Dominic Walsh, and more from Tyler Gilstrap, Kanji Segawa, Holly Gruver and Lex Gruver!

*All photos by Lauge Sorensen.

La Bayadere | Staged by Holly & Lex Gruver

Danza Estilizada | By Carli Olivier

Whistling | By International Choreographer, Dominic Walsh

Influenced Etched | By Lex Gruver

TKO | By International Choreographer, Tyler Gilstrap

Fast Footprints | By Kanji Segawa - Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Dancer & Choreographer.


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