Johannesburg Arts Conservatory offers open classes and full & partial programs for serious dancers who want to pursue some sort of professional dance or teaching career. Our classes and programs are tailored to equip them in their unique journey, and it is our mission to invest not just in 'the dancer,' but in the whole person.

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Full Program

Tuition: R4725 per month

Registration fee: R500

Program: Includes any dance and conditioning classes offered at JAC.  Workshops are a separate fee unless advertised differently. 

This year-round, full-day training program is designed to meet the needs of those dedicated students 15 years of age and up who seek a high standard of classical ballet education to prepare for a professional career.


Working daily under the careful guidance of JAC's faculty, students develop the essential skills to fully explore and realize their greatest individual potential. This program is a conglomeration of several of the best teaching methods, including Vaganova, Cecchetti, Paris Opera, Martha Graham, Horton, Limon, and Joseph Pilates. The teaching methods we employ are taught in a logical and thought-provoking way including the students participation. Our men's classes are focused on developing power, stamina, and masculinity associated with strong male technique.


Along with daily lessons in classical technique, students participate in workshops and intensives learning the classical repertoire of various styles of dance.

JAC’s exceptional full-time program includes: Classical Technique, Separate Men's Class, Pointe/Variations, Male Variations, Pas De Deux, Contemporary, Conditioning, 
Music, Workshops, Performances, and Outreach. 

Part Time

Tuition: R2730 per month

Registration fee: R500

Program: 5 classes weekly, broken down as: ballet classes 1-3; 4th class choice between ballet or contemporary or Spanish; 5th class conditioning.

 Also includes 1 weekly conditioning class for 5 classes total.

Part-time students are also eligible for specified workshops. 

This partial program is designed to meet the needs of dedicated students ages 15-25  who seek a high standard of dance training but do not wish to participate in a full-time program. 

Part time students may be under the instruction of other teachers of their choosing as long as they maintain open lines of communication and seek professional advice. 

*Full time and Part time students are eligible for a bursary and also full time students will participate in performances and some workshops, guest classes free of charge unless otherwise indicated.

Young JAC Training Program (YJT)

Registration fee: R500

YJT is our newest training program for students ages 9-14 years which provides C Level Vaganova based ballet classes. Students in this C Level will complete Vaganova Year 2 Elements for examination by the end of the year and perform a creative dance piece under the instruction of one of our qualified Vaganova teachers. 


Option One: 

R2730 per month (Includes 4x p/week ballet)

Option Two: 

R3850 per month (Includes 5x p/week ballet, pointe and contemporary)

To find out more and receive a 2022 class schedule, please email

A la carte

Pay per class

Designed for dance or conditioning students, past & present professionals, visiting and aspiring dancers. 

This a la carte option lends to dancers who would like to drop in for a single class, or take several in a week.


Single class rates are R186. ​

5 Class Card: R892

10 Class Card: R1680

Enroll & Audition

Contact Holly 

c. 078 798 5133

Enroll by audition and Conversation.


Please attend a Ballet or Contemporary Class by appointment. 


Additional program recommendations available upon request. 

JAC recognizes that a complete and rigorous academic education is crucial to the development of each student and in accordance with the regulations of the city of Johannesburg. We place a high value on learning for life and promoting educated thinking individuals who can contribute to the world in powerful ways. 


Students and families are expected to make their own individual arrangements for independent academic schooling so as to accommodate each student’s unique needs. JAC recommends the following qualified online educational institutions that fulfil City and State educational requirements toward the completion of the high school diploma.


  • Online School 

  • Grace and Truth

  • Liberty University Online Academy (Grade 11 and Matric)