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The Met

Introducing, JAC’s newest studio and performance space, The Met. ‘Met’ is short for the Greek word ‘Metanoia,’ meaning both transformation and forgiveness. It is our hope that this space and this school would be used to help transform and revive both individuals and the arts culture in South Africa.

We were privileged to get to celebrate the grand opening of this space before the level 4 lockdown. It was a beautiful evening of celebration and thanksgiving for all that we have been given and all that we share together as a JAC Family. We look forward to future aspirations towards the advancement of dance in South Africa.

We enjoyed a previewing of the preparations that are underway for our upcoming show, Meraki. We also enjoyed live music from George Town Band. Make sure to get your tickets for one of our outdoor August performances of Meraki. Tickets are limited. You won't want to miss this uplifting performance of talent and artistry!

Visit for bookings.


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