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JAC@Studio27 offers our students (and parents as well!) regular times of gathering to enjoy meals, fellowship, mutual encouragement, and music. 


Serious, pre-professional training is rigorous and at times, incredibly intense! Our optional Socials are designed to encourage a more relaxed, collegial and community enhancing time of fun, food and fellowship. 


All food and drink is provided by JAC, and our JAC-in events feature board games, movies, charades, volleyball, swimming (weather permitting), and occasional special guest speakers.  


These evenings are for members of JAC@Studio27 and their families only. All participants must RSVP by contacting Holly.



Heraclitus wrote: "The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become"


Character is really everything at JAC. In addition to our regular Community Outreach projects, the emphasis on character building is also seen in our student run Bible study and student mentor/mentee  programs. 



JAC leadership will meet quarterly with parents for one-on-one check-in sessions to review student strengths and weaknesses, forward planning, and to do everything we can to enhance the overall student experience at JAC. This is our chance as a staff to get to understand what makes each dancer tick, so that we can customize our programmes and focus for each individual artist.


A hallmark and foundation stone of JAC is our emphasis on community. During our quarterly parent coffee chats, Fresh tea/coffee and biscuits will be served, questions answered, and community built.


JAC @ Studio27 is thrilled to announce that, pending the Covid-19 regulations, we will be performing on stage and off-stage in 2021.


Our objective is to choreograph and perform unique, inspiring, beautiful works set to both live and recorded music - all across South Africa. 


Our dancers embody and radiate our passion for excellence, creativity, and precision. 


We will also perform annually at our social responsibility partner, Impact Africa's school campuses in the townships around Johannesburg. In this way we will bring the light and joy that is ballet and contemporary dance to the underprivileged among us.



As a conservatory we have a christian ethos and embrace this open-handedly. One does not need to be a Christian to work at or be a student at JAC@Studio27. However, our founders are Christians and believe the Bible is truly the universe's perfect source for Wisdom, Instruction, and Hope. As such our older students offer completely optional group bible studies for younger students. These are safe spaces where students can listen, share, discuss struggles, read and apply scripture, and pray for one another. 


Mentor/Mentee Program:

The JAC@Studio27 Mentorship program selects an older student and pairs that student with a younger student. Each older student will mentor at least one younger student. There are specific things the older student will do to bless, encourage and share with the younger student. This program is quite simple but also unique in its wonderful, community building and unity enhancing results.


 JAC offers a comprehensive programme of community-based development and outreach work via our affiliation with IMPACT Africa, and through our work with dancers and communities of artists in historically disadvantaged communities around Gauteng. 


Since we are passionate about investing into the whole person, and want to give education to our artists, we require our students to participate in dance history classes, whereby they learn about famous ballets, influential dancers, and the history of the art that we all love so much. Not only does this knowledge inspire our students, but it also equips them with a deeper understanding and context for what they may one day perform or support.

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