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Jenna Bowes


Jenna Bowes, RD (SA), completed her Bachelor of Science Medical Honours Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Cape Town. Jenna started her journey in the health and wellness industry by qualifying from the University of Stellenbosch with aBachelor of Science Degree in Sport Science and a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Physiology. Jenna has a holistic approach tolife and diet and believes that it is possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle despite the sometimes busy, stressful and fast pace of modern day life. She believes that understanding nutrition is key, and is able to offer expert advice on customising a life style that will work for you.

Jenna has a passion for all things nutrition and a special interest in sports nutrition, child and adolescent nutrition, emotional eating, weight management and corporate wellbeing.


Jenna has played sport at both national and international level and recently competed in the 70.3 World Ironman Championships. She is a hockey coach and works with children of all ages. This, along with her own personal experiences, has given her first hand exposure to the important role that nutrition plays in sports enjoyment and success.


Jenna has also worked on many corporate wellness initiatives; she consults for the media and has written for a number of publications. She is registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and is a member of the Association for Dietitians South Africa (ADSA).

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